Wes Edens: A Bright Outlook for High-Speed Rail

Wes Edens is a businessman with a bright outlook for high-speed rail. He is the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group and has been involved in many different business ventures, including the purchase of the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks. In a recent interview, Wes Edens stated that he believes the Brightline high-speed rail project is at the 1-yard line and just needs some additional investment to be completed. The Brightline project will connect Miami and Orlando, making it easier for tourists to travel between the two cities.


The Brightline project is privately funded and Wes Edens stated in an interview with Reuters that he would like to see the rail line expanded to Tampa. Should this happen, it will provide tourists a quick travel option from Miami to Orlando and then on to Tampa for a family vacation or a trip to Busch Gardens theme park. As of right now, the Brightline is set to open in July of this year.


Wes Edens’ company Fortress was known for having created a strategic investment fund that focused on buying up distressed companies and assets during the financial crisis of 2008. His company has also become involved in building railroads in Asia, including one that will connect Malaysia and Singapore. Fortress Investment Group acquired Brightline for $3.5 billion in 2015.


While Wes Edens is not technically a household name, his company has helped make him extremely wealthy by buying distressed assets during the 2008 financial crisis and then selling them at a big profit shortly after the crisis passed. While this may have worked out well for Mr. Edens and Fortress Investment Group, other investors were left with a net loss. However, Mr. Edens states that the company has always tried to avoid the pitfalls associated with buying distressed assets and this is how they managed to come out ahead and make so much money for their clients.