The Truth About Direct Selling Business; QNET

It is often said that a direct selling business is one of the best ways to earn an extra income. There are many types of direct selling companies, including QNET. This article aims to provide readers with the truth about QNET direct selling business. QNET direct selling company based in Malaysia.

This is a legitimate business company with its activities across the globe. Within the past few years, many people have referred to the company as a scam because it is often compared with MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or pyramid scheme businesses.

QNET, not like other direct selling companies, has its unique business model. The company offers products for sale that are made of high-quality materials and workmanship. It also does not involve any multi-level marketing system to operate at all. The business model reduces the company’s need to rely on a large number of people to make a profit, and instead focuses its primary sources of revenue on a small number of distributors.

This means that the QNET business will never be characterized as a pyramid scheme. Many people have said that QNET should not refer to itself as a direct selling company because it does not fit the characteristics of one, and is more like an e-commerce model.

Although QNET and other direct selling companies should be distinguished from pyramid schemes, many have said that this has been one of the best in earning extra income. The company has an extensive network of customers worldwide, which means that it can continue to provide products for sale without the need to rely on the efforts of other business partners.

People interested in joining a direct selling business should look into which companies operate with the best model and focus only on these models. Although not all direct selling companies are pyramid scheme scams, many people underestimate the risks associated with this type of business. Visit this page for additional information.


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