Jason Hope´s 3 Future Aspects Of Social Networking Sites

Everyone’s social networking site of choice has taken the world by storm. Like no other service before, a way to stay connected to the people you care about and share your thoughts with a vast network of new friends worldwide. Social networking sites are a boon, but they come with their downsides. Jason Hope discusses three ways in which future versions of social networking sites could improve their services.


1) Social Networks Helping Businesses Grow


Jason Hope and the T Gen Foundation


Social networking services present a new way for businesses to reach customers. Businesses can leverage the relationships of people who are members of the social networks they participate in, creating a virtual marketing campaign that reaches more potential clients than traditional methods. Jason Hope explains that some companies have even turned to social networking sites as a new source of advertising. Many companies have invested in Facebook or Twitter pages to promote their businesses and reach a new audience.


2) The Entertainment Game Is Stronger Than Ever 


Jason Hope recalls that social networking sites have gained traction in the entertainment world. Celebrities and other public figures use them to meet fans, connect with customers, and discuss their personal lives. In a way, social networking sites make celebrities likable so that they could not be before. According to Jason Hoe, influential people make themselves known to the most significant number of people possible at one time through social networking sites, making the art of communication more accessible than ever before.


3) The Role of Mobile Devices 

In the future, mobile devices will be able to communicate with social networking sites seamlessly and efficiently. People will be able to access their accounts from anywhere with any device. Currently, accessing a social network account from a smartphone can be tricky; users have to bookmark home page or type in the web address repeatedly. For Jason Hope, there will likely be applications (apps) developed just for social networking sites that allow users to access these sites from any mobile device easily.