IOA’s Achievements through the Vision of John Ritenour

John Ritenour founded Insurance of America (IOA) in 1988. He ran the company in an active position for ten years. In 2008, Heath Ritenour, his son, assumed its control as the CEO and, just recently, the chairman in 2019. Despite leaving his active role in the company, John Ritenour is still involved in its activities, mainly from an advisory perspective. IOA separates itself from other insurance companies for its dedication and commitment to offer solutions that others cannot, but within the core insurance values of anticipation, preparation, and coverage for risks.

IOA’s strong performance and firm foundations couldn’t have been possible without John Ritenour’s intervention. However, his son performs equally well, turning its successes into a family legacy. For instance, his cooperation with Heath started the IOA Sports Partners division, the first of its kind in insurance. When Heath interacted with the Orlando Magic’s team, they first conceptualized this partnership after the sports team had its sponsorship deal declined by its major insurance company. Heath negotiated and agreed on a fair deal benefiting both parties.

IOA’s partnership with Orlando Magic was its magical moment. Several other teams approached it targeting sponsorship, but instead, IOA presented its partnership terms. It has since established sports partnerships with ten sports teams for the last decade, such as NFL and NBA teams, further enhancing its reputation within the communities.

Heath Ritenour feels the goal of John Ritenour to establish a unique insurance broker is intact and actualized. Since IOA’s foundation in 1988, John desired an insurance company that could not short-change their agreement for its benefit. Therefore, he founded it based on his values of honesty and hard work. His exemplary leadership and the effective follow-up that Heath provides has led IOA to its current standing of more than eighty thousand clients and awards, such as the most recent 2019 award of “Top Workplace Award”.

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