Citizen App

Opportunity is everywhere. Citizen App empowers you — and those you love — to protect yourself against the unexpected. With simple, real-time alerts and GPS tracking, this safety app lets you stay safe at the moment, wherever life takes you.

A citizen is a force for good in the world. Everyone deserves a chance to live happily and safely. We built a safety app that addresses a major gap in personal safety: accidental injury. Citizen is an affordable personal safety network that helps you connect to your local 911 response team. With Citizen App’s easy-to-use platform, you can immediately alert emergency services of a crisis, track your loved ones’ safety, and receive help from the Citizen Responder Community in real-time. The best part is?

Citizen is completely free for all users — no hidden fees or costs. Download now to save lives and protect the world around you. The app lets you guard your loved ones against danger and get help in an emergency, with life-saving alerts and instant assistance from crisis responders. Download it to keep track of friends, family, valuables, and homes.

Citizen App users get real-time access to intelligent 911 alerts, the ability to call for help from local professionals, and location tracking features that all contribute to their overall safety. Citizen app works by connecting people with the right responders at the right time. We are building a mobile app that lets you increase transparency between the city and its residents to create safer, smarter communities.

Our app gives people the opportunity to view videos sent by citizens, first responders, and businesses using Citizen. They can report incidents like car accidents, fires, or even crimes in progress. Protecting your information is our priority, and we know you value your privacy. We respect your data and use it only to make sure you stay safe. Our real-time map shows crimes happening in your area, with no user registration required. Go here for additional information.


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