Category: Business Owner

 Du Shuanghua, Chairman of Rizhao Steel Group

January 10, 2022

Chairman of Rizhao Steel, Du Shuanghua continues to be part owner after years of change. In 2003, he owned 67% in equity shares of the business, while Mount Gibson held the other 33%. Today Shangdong Steel owns 67% and Du Shuanghua owns the remaining 33%. Rizhao Steel Holdings is the 26th largest producer of steel…

Jason Hughes Owner of Hughes Marino, Commercial Culture Consulting Expert

July 19, 2021

  Jason Hughes is the owner of the Southern California region’s largest tenant and buyer representation in the area. Jason Hughes is an expert negotiator for intensive lease transactions in the State of California. He is chairman, and owner of his company, Hughes Marino. Jason Hughes runs a team made up of brokers and subject…

Co-founder of, Jesse Willms

May 18, 2021

Jesse Willms is a successful entrepreneur and businessman. He is well-known for his work on the eDirect app as well as his website page. We may characterize him as a businessman who worked extra hard towards his mission and achieve success on his own. He had been struggling since he was a teenager, and God…