Min-Liang Tan Never Looks Back


Min-Liang Tan quit his law career to turn his hobby of gaming into a full-time job. Tan and his friend Robert Krakoff founded Razer in 2005. Their primary goal was to create a mouse that would improve their overall gaming experience. Little did Tan know that by 2017, he would be a self-made billionaire at 40.

Though Tan has made some significant accomplishments in the gaming industry, Tan does not look back at old achievements. Instead, he looks towards the future. Tan left the United States at the start of the pandemic to return to Singapore. He felt he would be safer there than in California. However, Tan did not spend his time sitting around gaming. Instead, he went to work to help make Singapore as safe as possible.

Razer Inc changed some of their manufacturing lines from producing gaming parts to making masks. People soon found the masks in vending machines throughout Singapore. His goal was to give away five million masks to Singapore residents. Tan soon set up a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing and packing masks. Up to this point, there were no manufacturing facilities in Singapore; Tan had to start from scratch. It took 24 days to get everything up and running.

Most people think of Razer as being a manufacturer of gaming hardware. Tan thinks of his company as being a lifestyle for the younger generation. The Razer CEO is always looking ahead for ways to grow this unique ecosystem.

About Min-Liang Tan

Tan pushed his law career aside to start Razer. His company employs over 500 people around the world. He is ranked in the top 40 most influential people in the gaming industry. Tan was also named in the top 25 creative people list by Business Insider. Read this article to learn more.


Find more information about Tan can be found on https://www.cnbc.com/2020/04/09/razer-min-liang-tan-gamer-mentality-behind-multimillion-dollar-brand.html