What Is The Background Of Andrew Frame?

Andrew Frame is well-established founder and CEO of the company Citizen App. He founded the company in 2017. Andrew Frame is very proud of his very unique and different company. They are the first app to combine local information in addition to 911 intelligence information to keep all users safe. Andrew is not new to being an entrepreneur as a matter of fact he founded his very first company which was an internet service provider at the young age of just fifteen years old.

Andrew Frame is also an expert in the field of software programming. His passion for the Citizen App steamed from wanting to do something that was mission-oriented that could reach out on a global scale. With the hope and the desire that it would improve the world in a plethora of different ways. A typical day for him includes getting up early, drinking coffee, listening to a new podcast, and exercising.

Andrew Frame makes it a priority to check in with his team at seven am at the standup meetings to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Then from there, the rest of his day is focused on the development of his product. He also checks in with the product manager almost daily to make sure they are on target for their goals, and everyone is on the same page. He is, not all work he has discovered some new passions that play into his everyday life at the end of the day.

These include ballroom dancing, cooking a homecooked meal with a potential love for Italian dishes finished off with a glass of red wine and a book of poetry or literature. So, while he understands the need for hard work, he also understands the importance of balance in his life for his sanity. See related link for more information.


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