Gordonstoun School: History and STEM Excellence

The Gordonstoun School, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh Award school, is an independent boarding school located in Scotland.

The school was founded by Dr. Kurt Hahn, who wanted to teach boys about living in a democratic society with high moral values and self-discipline.

He believed that teaching them these skills would help them grow into well-rounded individuals who could thrive anywhere they lived.

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Today’s students are taught STEM subjects alongside traditional courses unique to Gordonstoun, such as woodwork, drama, music, and art history.

This allows the students to explore their passions while developing new ones through various activities provided by the course tutor system.

The school follows the International Baccalaureate Organization’s curriculum framework.

Besides academics, Gordonstoun emphasizes physical activity and outdoor education.

All students are required to join a sports team or take part in some other form of exercise.

The facilities for sports are kept at a high level, including Scotland’s only indoor swimming pool.

The sports coaches have been working with British Olympians and Paralympians since 1991 to help athletes raise the bar so they can be successful at their events.

Gordonstoun school is a member of Round Square, an international association of more than eighty schools worldwide that promote leadership development through exchanges between students from different cultures.

They also share best practices and cooperate on community service projects.

The school has some notable alumni, including:

– Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer (Former British Vogue Editor)

– Alexander McQueen (Fashion designer)

– Mark Phillips (Olympic Gold Medalist)

– David Attenborough (Naturalist)

– Hans Keller (Composer)

– David Steel (British Politician)

The school has plans to expand the campus by building new academic and residential buildings. The facilities will include:

– An indoor sports center

– An art center for special exhibitions and performances

– A smaller dining hall

– A new school shop

This investment in the school’s future will allow for more opportunities in STEM subjects, fine arts, and sports to be available for students.

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