The Comeback of Ryan Kavanaugh after the ban of TikTok.

Ever seen people celebrating one’s downfall? Well, this sounds strange, but it was seen in 2016 when ‘New Age’, a company that Ryan Kavanaugh own seized to operate. You might be asking yourself why the celebration instead of the sympathy? In Hollywood, He had made himself a Hollywood seer whom no one could overturn. Thus, when he was bankrupt twice in two years people could not understand it.

The career of Ryan Kavanaugh hit the bottom rock until July 31, 2020, when then-president Donald Trump gave a hint to reporters that he was going to ban TikTok. The ban was because of what its Chinese company was doing to its user’s personal information. At the time TikTok was the most popular video app with over 800 million users.

This ban was advantageous to Ryan Kavanaugh as most users had to download his app. Triller was the app with the most downloads in 51 countries within a day. It was such a big thing to the app. It was able to raise over $ 14 million from artists like Lil Wayne. It made the company raise $ 100 million within six months after the ban of TikTok and the company value had to appreciate to $ 1.25 billion.

Triller assists content creators to view sites across the web. It also wants to attract the attention of the boxing audience by introducing Trillers Fight club that will present $49.99 per download. It will also feature celebrity appearances and musical performances by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber. This strategy was a success as it had over 30 million audiences.

What’s more?

To grow Triller, Ryan Kavanaugh poach TikTok top influencers by offering lots of perks instead of the usual cash. He also made a launch of Triller Tv that features 30 minutes show with top influencers like JLO. Having gone through a fallback, this was a comeback to him.