What Makes A Hero: The Inspirational Words Of Kfir Gavrieli, CEO Of Tieks

Everyday heroes are members of our community who are dedicated to empowering the people of the city they live in. They are unafraid of challenging conventional norms, and are willing to take risks and live lives that are truly full.

Tieks came up with “Tieks for Heroes Program” that offered a one hundred dollars card gift to the first respondents of the sewing campaign, nurses, doctors, and military service team. Tieks company is a popular lender at KIVA and has extended microloans to women of color worthy ten million dollars and above.

Heroic acts can be simple, yet incredibly powerful: carrying someone’s groceries, organizing a fundraiser, going beyond the call of duty, lifting someone who is physically or emotionally tired. These acts can have a profound impact on individuals, as they are rooted in compassion, selflessness and the desire to help others. For the Tieks CEO, Kfir Gavrieli, he sees the heroes as an enormous diverse group of individuals that range from prominent professionals to everyday people.

People ask me how I found the strength to make an uphill climb to accomplish a goal I set out for myself. One of my inspirations is my Mom, who went through a very difficult time in her life after the loss of her brother. The real miracle in her situation was how well our family stuck together. The pain of loss was always there, but it did not define us. In that crisis, she found herself a hero.

A hero is someone who is not afraid of trying something new, who will step up and speak their mind. For entrepreneurs, or for people who aspire to be entrepreneurs, there are heroes within each of us – heroes we can give to the world if we can all pull together and create meaningful change. The power of these heroes is something every entrepreneur can tap into, in an effort to create positive change in their industry, company or community. See this page to learn more.

It is evident that the realm of the hero is expanding, and it is because of this development that the scope of a hero is becoming far broader than merely a human being with a strong conviction and moral awareness. The definition of heroism is also expanding, from simply being a person who inspires people to perform positive acts in the world, to being a person who motivates others to do positive acts in the world.

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