Ensuring San Francisco Giant’s Success, Larry Baer

The game of baseball has long been a staple of the American way of life, going so far as to be proclaimed as “America’s favorite pastime” for many decades. It is no secret that the athletes that play this sport are essential in the success of the sport itself but often overshadowed, another role is just as important. This overlooked role in any sports team is the manager.

The tasks that managers tend to are difficult in their own ways and one of the best and most loyal to fans and players alike is Larry Baer. As a fourth generation San Francisco resident, the SF Giants CEO has proven not only his loyalty to his city but also to their baseball team, the San Francisco Giants.

From the start of his work with the team in 1992, the Giants CEO made it his priority to keep his hometown team in their hometown and after he and Peter Magowan spearheaded the move to create a new ownership group and then ensured the sale of the team kept it in San Francisco.

Baer would then go on to be made the CEO of the team in 2012 and with Larry Baer’s expertise in the everyday functions of the team and their relation to the major industry organizations it would allow the team to be able to train hard and win two World Series Championships in three years.

Larry would also ensure the team made profitable business decisions including signing on Barry Bonds as well as continuing to ensure brand recognition which lead to The San Francisco Giants being one of only four teams ever to have over three million attendees yearly for eight years in a row.

Larry not only manages the baseball team but is also very active in his community, having a seat on the board of many philanthropic endeavors such as the KQED Educational Network, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America Pacific Region Board of Trustees. See this article for additional information.


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