CEO Joseph Ashford Creates Marketing Gold Through Company Culture

CEO and owner of K4 Global, Joseph Ashford, in London has built his company from the ground up and the way he built it has shaped the work he does for other brands. K4 Global is a marketing firm that offers a wide range of brand services that help it put together customized branding solutions and projects. This unique type of service and thinking has made a huge impact in the way the company and Joseph Ashford is able to both create its marketing projects and their impact. With his company based in London, Joseph Ashford, is able to keep the company in the spotlight and compete for some of the biggest contracts. The projects that Joseph Ashford takes on benefit from the unique creative vision of the entire team that has been assembled in the business. By creating a team that is able to draw on the strengths of each and every member, K4 Global is able to offer the best of itself.


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Ashford has pointed to his team and the company culture they have created and cultivated is in large part to credit for the success of the company. A positive company culture is able to bring out the best in people and the performance of the team in the projects they all work on. Every project taken on by the company is contributed to by the team on a whole, so the ability for everyone to work together in order to create the best marketing strategy possible.

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