Fitness Magnate Edgard Corona

What we learned about Edgard Corona is similar to what we have learned about most successful people in business. His story is wonderful, but it is not unique. We do not say this to degrade the wonderful achievements of this man, but to show the reader that the path towards entrepreneur success has a process that has been replicated several times. The issue is that most of us are not the right person to achieve these goals. Successful entrepreneurs are a special breed, in many ways they are born, not bred, self-creations of their own design.

What makes an entrepreneur like Edgard Corona tick? Is it challenge, is it the thrill, is it simply a belief that he is the right person to bring an idea from the mind plane to the physical? Well, it is a bit of all of the above. All of these things are what has driven Edgard Corona in his multi-decade career. When he was getting started in the mid-90s he had no idea he would have the #4 fitness business globally wit 480 locations around the world and have an annual revenue of over 1 billion. When he was getting started, he was just doing the work to run a single location, and that became dozens of locations, then 100s.

Technology and data driven, that is how you stay successful and grow. a business must move with the times, and even predict the future as well. Keeping up with the times and technology is how you get left behind. Edgard Corona ‘s business from the start has used data to improve conversion rates, and technology to give members a better experience. These are things that are considered obvious today, but his companies were doing this in the 90s. How to be successful, be the right person, and follow the steps that all entrepreneurs follow.

Edgard Corona’s: Youtube.