Stephen Bittel: A Powerhouse in Commercial Real Estate

In the business real estate industry, Stephen Bittel has been working for more than 40 years. He is the founder and president of Terranova Corp, one of the leading companies in South Florida which have been an exclusive agent for commercial projects worth more than $5 billion and have represented leading customers like Morgan Stanley, the Bank of America, and New York Life. Terranova underwent incorporation in 1980 by Stephen Bittel utilizing the use of the commercial property for a local partnership.

Terranova has evolved to become one of Southern Florida’s most prominent real estate companies, building a portfolio that has added over one billion dollars of valuable assets, making it the pride of southern Florida.

Terranova has served as the only arbiter for more than $5 billion worth of corporate programs throughout the Sunshine State, advocating for some of the most powerful companies in the world. Stephen Bittel continues to build his thriving company into one of the premier firms dealing in commercial real estate in the country.

Stephen Bittel

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Whilst still attending law school, Bittel established Terranova Corporation, developing the company from its own office.

Starting from the business of a local partnership commercial property, Terranova quickly expanded to over 8 million square meters of a property base, working in more than 100 various open-air shopping areas, in addition to numerous office buildings, industrial parks, mixed-family, and self-storage facilities.

Because coronaviruses pandemic Bittel and Terranova have been trying to revitalize the retail sector, while keeping alert at the property, including Miracle Mile at Coral Gables and Lincoln Road in Miami Beach.

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