Thomas Neyhart: Popularizing Solar Energy in America by PosiGen

Sun power is becoming popular in America lately. This is an initiative being led by PosiGen Solar Energy company. Their mission is, ‘Improve your home, protect your savings. ’ PosiGen Solar Power Company was founded after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina and Thomas Neyhart is their current CEO.  New Orleans residents were rebuilding their homes, and they wanted efficient, improved, and affordable homes. To realize this dream, power was a critical factor. Numerous power programs ran in the locality but were not cheap to most residents considering their low to moderate-income. Interested in helping these people rebuild their lives, The founders of PosiGen saw a chance of availing clean, affordable, and accessible solar energy. 


This was the birth of PosiGen solar power company, which continues to install solar panels across America at a reasonable cost. PosiGen is zeroing on transforming the world through solar power. They aim to make solar energy easily accessible to people in the lower cadre and all the shaded communities. PosiGen believes the affordability of solar energy through their lease program will save the target communities’ utility bills. Once the money is saved, Thomas Neyhart has explained, it can be used to run other projects from the local level, thus taking a step towards a great future that will be economically stable. PosiGen is not skewed towards making money, but instead, they want their clients to save every dollar spent on energy and use it to improve their lives. 


It is judicious to offer jobs to your clients. For this reason, PosiGen has mastered inclusivity and diversity as critical factors in running their business. As a result, most of the employees at the solar energy company are people of color and women. PosiGen believes in transforming the world they live in from being significant to small. 


In essence, the globalization of the world through Solar Energy and renewable sources of energy. When sun-based energy is moderate, more people are presumably going to place assets into the advancement. While this makes a gigantic regular impact, it moreover incredibly influences their customers. PosiGen’s energy viability overhauls ensure that their customers’ homes are secured, clean places to live in. Daylight based has an overall impact but PosiGen is helping their customers live safer, better lives. According to Thomas Neyhart, solar energy has myriads of benefits such as a cleaner environment, improved home value, expanded comfort and health, and lower energy bills. The power and energy audits conducted by PosiGen ensure that no power is being lost. Using power efficiently helps in saving accounts.


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