The American Reporter, Rachel Nichols, Begins her Daily Show of Sports Talk

Formerly, Rachel Nichols was a host of a TV program called The Jump, a daily program that only airs for half an hour and focuses on different former and current NBA players’ appearances, and also being an analyst reporter for ESPN and other insiders.

Rachel has been serving as a sports broadcaster. She has been working as a contributor to SportsCenter, using features, commentary, and interviews. As a part-time job, Rachel Nichols hosts Outside the Lines and plays a part in the E:60 newsmagazine for ESPN. With CNN, she has worked as a new anchor and also as a reporter.

One of the most difficult moments for Rachel Nichols while on air was after she received the devastating news that her friend, Craig Sager, had just died. She had to go live a few seconds before she had to go live. She looked up on him and it was sad to receive the news and break it to the whole world. But her manager advised her to be strong for him and do the right thing because he really deserved the best. Recently, Rachel Nichols decided to begin her daily show of sports talk.

Rachel Nichols said that every show has its own monologue, so she spends time writing to ensure she comes up with five columns each week. Those hours are spent trying to come up with solutions and trying to figure out the areas she wants to discuss during the show. One thing that makes Nichols happy and inspires her to keep pushing is her twin daughters, who are only six years old. She loves her kid growing while watching her doing something she has passion on. Every day, Nichols spends at least three hours watching basketball. When talking with students from different colleges, she keeps advising them to always do the things they like. It aids in their development and success. Visit this page for more information.


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