Rachel Nichols  Career Milestones in Sports

Many women have taken over the corporate world in recent years. More women are getting into careers traditionally dominated by men unlike in the past. Most of these women work hard regardless of the hardships and communities’ limitations, and they always prove that they are doing the best in their professions. In the sports section, many women have preferred to take the back seat because the area has always been designed for male professionals.

Rachel Nichols is among the few courageous women who have taken the sports section into the higher levels. Rachael has already worked for prestigious companies such as CNN and ESPN. In her professional career, the talented professional delivered the best results.

Rachel Nichols discovered her love for sports when she was young and in school. The young lady had great talents, and everything about sports made her happy. Rachael loved working in a fun environment, and she chose to specialize in sports so that she could work in the area she loved most.

At an early age, Rachel Nichols already knew that she was going to have a tough time becoming a professional athlete, so she tried to look for other careers in the sports section. During her time, there were few jobs available in the sports section. As she was growing older, the talented professional thought carefully about her career decisions, and she settled on becoming a sports reporter.

When a game was taking place in any field, there were numerous activities taking place. The players were busy defending their teams, and there was someone to tell the stories about the events of the day. Rachel Nichols decided to become a sports reporter because she enjoyed telling the stories of different sports activities.

This job made her content and extremely happy. Over the years, Rachael has improved her skills, and she has been recognized while serving in CNN and ESPN.

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