Vijay Eswaran: An Entrepreneur With A Passion Of Helping People

Many people come to Jakarta with a hope to become a successful entrepreneur one day, but many can achieve what they came for. But very few are the one who falls down, get up, fall down and get up again and ultimately reached their goal. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Vijay Eswaran is one of them who came, worked very hard, seen many ups and downs of life and ultimately achieved what he came for. And now he has devoted his life to working novice entrepreneur so that they do not have to travel on that tough path.

It’s a successful return for the Malaysian founder to Indonesia who is no other than the renowned entrepreneur and founder of the Qi Group. He is a young tycoon of multilevel marketing with marketing and sales that already approached US$1 billion and working hard to get more in coming years.

The QI Group has the honor to be co-founded by Vijay in 1998 with the help of people who think the same like Vijay Eswaran did and they decided to come up with an idea of assisting an individual on a platform that would be accessible without the limitation of boundaries, the internet.

This company is an internet based conglomerate with a focus on different diversified files such as communications, retail/direct sales, leisure and lifestyle, luxury along with few valuable collectibles, education, conference management and training to hone your hidden potentials, logistics along with the dealing in real estate business.

So, overall, Vijay can help you in any way with his team of professionals and expert who would be more than happy to assist you in your hunt for quality products and services.

Vijay took his formal education from one of the very best educational institutes in the US and UK, and that made him an ideal combination of education and experience to help middle-class people with his expertise, assistance, and guidance.

He never wanted to be in the top wealthy individual; all he wants is to help people who are in need so that they won’t lose their hard earned earning in starting a business that they don’t know much about.

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Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

EOS Lip Balm; The Fast Company Recap

For many many years, you would be stuck with just plain regular lip balm. If you wanted flavor, you only had a few choices to pick from. Such as mint, strawberry or even watermelon. However, EOS or Evolution of Smooth,, began to pop up everywhere. Why? Because it is the second most sold lip balm in the country. Burt’s bees being the first. Mehra is the co-founder of EOS who has a background on Business. While Teller is the founder who has a background and spent time at start up incubators, thinking of different ways to invent new products for the beauty industry.

EOS used something not most companies use. That is the five senses. When you closed or open the cap, you would hear a click. It’s very round and soft to the touch. The design is simple yet very eye catching. If you happened to lick your lips, you can taste the flavor. You could also smell the flavor of the lip balm. EOS lip balm also used organic ingredients to complete the product.

EOS worked very smart on the marketing side. They used social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter which targeted the most targeted consumers, such as young adults and adults. The company has moved to invent new products based from the EOS lip balms. Such as, shaving creams and hand lotion.

Securus Technologies’ Facility Clients Comment Securus Technology to Prevent and Solve Crimes Crimes

Securus Technologies is a United States-based company providing technology solutions to foster corrections, investigation, and public safety in the inmate industry. The company has also published numerous comments by most of their clients. For this reason, they are all delighted with the services offered by the corporation using the latest mode of technology. The technology is used to prevent and solve crimes including the rampant inmate-to-inmate misconducts.


Below is a sample of the latest comments from all the clients receiving services and products from Securus Technologies. We also sample the emails and letters to the editors at Securus Technologies from all the responsible clients. They also come from the officials with the task to solve and prevent crimes to make the inmate facility environment safer and better each day. Because it is the priority of Securus Technologies to keep their client’s privacy, they have retracted the specific counties and states to protect those who are innocent.


According to Securus Technologies, they have made it a point to develop a new service or product to help the inmate facilities get better results during the investigation. Crime is one of the worst things that concern the inmate facilities. For this reason, they have been eliminated through the technology incorporated by the company. It is part of Securus Technologies’ DNA to build a safer environment in the correctional market. Securus Technologies always engages in justice and deliverance. Therefore, their products are adopted by the inmate facilities on a massive scale. It is always their honor to serve and protect the inmates.


One of Securus Technologies client said that he got the best assistance through the incorporation of inmate facility development in the company. They used the technology to monitor calls made by inmates to other drug lord operating behind bars. For this reason, they will always praise this technology.



The Innovative Medical Care that is offered by Copa Star Hospital

Copa Star Hospital is one of the top-notch medical facilities in South America. The hospital was recently established in Brazil, and it devoted to offering world-class medical care to its patients. Its target clients are individual with a high social status within the continent. The medical facility was founded by D’Or network, which is an umbrella firm that currently runs about 22 executive hospitals. The president of the organization is Jorge Molly, and according to him, the facility offers five-star services to its clients. Many people in South America have been seeking high-end health care in first world countries. The new hospital will change the situation since medical services will be easily accessible. Copa Star has state-of-the-art amenities, which include diagnostic machines and accommodation. D’Or network has been striving to ensure that more people in Brazil have access to excellent medical care. It plans to construct other five star facilities that will be based in various cities in the country. View the design at RafArquitetura.Com

The primary objective of the hospital is to ensure that patients are offered dependable medical services, hospitality, and comfort. The nurses and doctor who serve the hospital are well trained in handling a wide array of conditions. Copa Star ensures that its employees are the best by conducting coaching programs that better their skills. It owns various ultra-modern medical amenities, which allow the physicians to make sure that the patients are well diagnosed and treated. The environment of the hospital has a cool breeze from the sea and tranquility. It offers a lot of peace hence allowing an individual to recover in well. Copa Star has also been dedicated to ensuring that it provides the highest level of privacy. Public figures such as presidents and other celebrities can visit the facility and be treated without any interruptions.

The hospital has purchased the best diagnosis machines that are available. It is mostly recognized due to the luxury that it offers, but it also fulfills its goal of ensuring that patients are fully cured. The medical center owns top-notch cardiac and neurological examination machines. Its 59 intensive care units are well maintained and are always functional. Patients who have been admitted to the ICU wards can communicate with their loved ones through video conferencing machines that has been installed at the wards.

Copa Star also uses state-of-the-art technology for controlling its operations. It has a hospitality management program that enhances communication between the patients and the hospital. The system is installed on iPads that are given to the clients. It allows individuals who have been admitted to the facility to control their curtains and room temperatures as well as contact the doctors. The technology enables Copa Star to offer five-star services. Visit the site Rede D’Or for more info.

Flavio Maluf Explains the United Kingdom Is Breaking Away From The EU But The Break Will Take Years

Even though 53 percent of the British population voted to leave the European Union, it will not be easy to walk away from thousands of EU agreements in force. Some British officials on say it could take up to six years to complete Brexit after article 50 is signed. Article 50 is set for signing on March 29, 2017. The United Kingdom’s economy did not go into a tailspin after the Brexit vote. Former Prime Minister David Cameron resigned after the vote, and he said the British economy would hit rock bottom when the U.K. leaves the EU. Many economists at agreed with him, but that didn’t happen. But the inflation rate increased by 2.3 percent, the pound sterling lost 15 percent of its value against the U.S. dollar, and 10 percent against the Euro on the foreign exchange. The Gross Domestic Product output increased by 1.6 percent and the prediction for 2017 is another two percent increase.

In short, The U.K. is not in economic trouble, but the country must address the trade imbalance, and that’s what new Prime Minister Theresa May is doing. The U.K. wants to export more goods to non-European Union countries, according to Brazilian entrepreneur and exporter, Flavio Maluf. Maluf is the CEO of Eucatex, the building material manufacturer. Eucatex is one of Brazil’s leading exporters of paint, varnishes, floorboards, ceiling tiles, and other building materials. Maluf thinks the U.K. needs Brazilian products, and Brazil needs U.K. goods and services. Brazil’s booming middle class and new government need an injection of English goods, but the Brazilian tax code and other regulations must be amended before any bilateral agreement will work with the U.K., according to Maluf.

Brazil is on the verge of pulling out a recession that crippled the investment sector of the economy. But Eucatex is still doing better than most Brazilian companies. The company was founded by Flavio Maluf’s grandfather in the 1950s. Today, Eucatex ships building materials to more than 20 countries and the country has an annual revenue stream of more than a billion reals on Maluf wants to export more to the U.K., but there are several Brexit hurdles to overcome before that happens.

Roberto Santiago-Owner Of Manaira Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is a self-proclaimed businessman in Brazil. At his advanced age of fifty-eight years, Roberto has set up a great structure right in the heart of Paraiba, a building that handles significant business per given day. This building is none other than the Manaira Shopping Mall that began its operations in 1989. The Manaira Shopping Mall is so iconic to the extent that it is considered the largest business complex in all of Brazil.

Apart from being an entrepreneur, Roberto is also a blogger. In his lifetime he has authored many popular articles, content that has made him very famous in Brazil. Also, he possesses skills in video directing and production.

Roberto Santiago’s fortune does not end with the erection of Manaira Shopping Complex. He is also the owner of the Mangabeira Shopping Mall, another shopping district epic in its right. However, the Manaira Complex is very productive since it is setup in a location ideal for commuters. Besides, it is a one-stop shop for all the needs that might cross your mind. For instance, it houses shops that sell food, attire, beverage, art, entertainment spots, health facilities, and even convenient stores just to mention but a few.

For the above-stated reasons, most urban dwellers choose to spend their time and money at this strategic location over their free time. Something astonishing about the Manaira Shopping Mall is that it is incredibly huge to the extent that it resembles a small city. Moreover, within the mall is a college facility that helps prove just how large this structure is.

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People in the modern world love to entertain themselves, especially in movie theaters. The Manaira Shopping Complex has a total of eleven movie theaters, each equipped with machines made from the latest technology. Also, these entertainment hubs house stylish bars that offer individuals refreshments at their convenience.

Besides, Manaira Shopping Mall has engineered in such a manner that it encourages family activity. Its grand scale enables families to move from one place to the other as they tour this shopping complex. Also, the mall has a gourmet space that allows parents and children interact in a highly ambient environment.

Therefore, it is evident enough that Roberto Santiago is a real visionary. He would not have achieved what he has today if his line of thought was limited in any way. As a result, Robert is the most valued business icon in Brazil. Visit TripAdvisor to read more.

George Street Photo and Video in Chicago, Illinois

George Street Photo and Video in Chicago, Il is a branch of the original George Street ( that was started in a small town in Indiana by three ambitious photographers who wanted to share their experience and good practices. Their dream was to hook up with other photographers and videographers all over the United States.

For the Chicago area, there are George Street Photo and Video Address in Chicago, Orland Park, and Schaumburg. You can call and make an appointment at 866-831-4104, or go to the website at to set an appointment online.

From there you will agree on a place to meet and go over the types of shots you want and the cost.

If you are going to have a wedding, engagement party, a wedding dinner, or the reception you will want to engage George Street Photo and Video for your event. Their pictures and videos are expertly done, and you will be very satisfied.

Dick DeVos: Bettering Lives Of Those Less Fortunate

Many people make local and national headlines every day. One family that haas been seeing an increase in headlines is the DeVos family. This increase in headlines is due to the recent Presidential Cabinet nomination of Betsy DeVos. One DeVos particular to these headlines is Betsy’s husband, Dick DeVos.


The most recent article to highlight the couple was published in January on the MLive website. It went into detail the current scrutiny that the couple has been under since the nomination. In particular, the couple’s charitable contributions have been greatly discussed.


According to the article, the DeVoses have given a considerable amount of money over the years to the Republican party. However, these contributions are overshadowed by the staggering amount of money that has been given by this family to the education system in the state of Michigan.


The article also briefly discussed the couple’s views on the education reform that they feel needs to happen across America. This reform is quite similar to the plans they have helped implement in Michigan. Some of their ideas include parental right to choose which school their children attend, instead of the strict boundaries that are currently in place. The couple are also supporters of the school voucher system. The voucher system allows parents to insure the schools their children attend receive the allocated government funds for their children’s education.


I think the DeVos family is a great choice for our education system. Dick DeVos went to public school himself. He seen first hand how some schools receive more funding than others. He has also sat on several school boards and even the Michigan State Board of Education. Mr. DeVos has also started an Education Freedom Fund which helps low income children earn scholarships for bettering their education. He also started an Aviation Academy for high school students.


In fact, the DeVos’ dedication to bettering the education system doesn’t stop their. The latest information to come to light, thanks to the recent nomination of Mrs. DeVos, shows that the couple contribute a huge amount of money every year to education. This amount is in excessive of over a quarter of their annual contributions. I personally think The DeVos family is one of the best advocates for educational reform in the country. They have devoted their lives and millions of dollars to Michigan’s education system alone.


Dick DeVos has held many other positions, besides in the education sector. He has also spent many years working for the family business, Amway. Mr. DeVos was also President and CEO of the Orlando Magic team for a few years. Mr. DeVos has also been an advocate of healthcare reform and restoring neighborhoods that are on a decline.


Why You Should Contact Tammy Mazzocco when Buying Property In The State of Ohio

The housing market of the state of Ohio has just ended the busiest year it’s had since over a decade ago in the year of 2005, in spite of there being a sales slowdown on a nationwide scale as cold weather temperatures had begun to set in. Homes purchased on a statewide level had approached 151,600 in the previous year, which was an increase of 7.5% from the year of 2015. In Northeast OH, sales had increased by nearly 8%, based on data that was interconnected to homes that were previously owned and newly developed.

It has been a remarkable year for the housing market in Ohio, as there were record gains in average prices and sales made. Sales that were made in the month of December were increased by 2.8% from the year of 2015, however, Northeast OH and many other markets had yearly declines. The average price of sales in the state of OH was a bit more than $150,000 in the previous month, which was an increase of 4.8% from the end of the year of 2015. Growth in price and shortages in supply were the main concerns according to a report that was released by the National Association of Realtors, which had exclusively looked at the sales of homes that were currently existing.

Tammy Mazzocco can assist you with making home purchases that may be beneficial to you. Whether you are looking to buy a home for the purposes of living in it or investing, please do not hesitate to contact Tammy Mazzocco. She is a real estate agent who has been in the business for more than 20 years and is able to provide you with anything that you may need in your quests of finding a home. Tammy Mazzocco serves the community through constant researching and analyzing of the housing market. Tammy Mazzocco is a great choice to make if you are just delving into the area’s real estate market.

For more info, see Tammy’s agent profile.


Norman Pattiz Plays A Pivotal Role In Ensuring The Success Of ‘Beyond The Darkness’

Recently, Norman Pattiz, the proprietor of PodcastOne announced the introduction of ‘Beyond the Darkness,’ a new podcast. This paranormal podcast would be the latest addition to Chris Jericho’s network. The show will feature educative and enlightening deliberations with experiencers and researchers from different parts of the globe. They will seek to challenge what people think about miracles, ghouls, demons, ghosts, monster encounters and aliens. Dave Schrader, an author and radio host, and Tim Dennis, a radio host and successful producer, will host the show. Every Monday, the PodcastOne app, iTunes and will air new episodes.

Norman asserted that Chris was one of the success stories of PodcastOne network. When starting his collection, everyone believed that it would zero in other adventures beyond wrestling. Norman contended that in the past, Chris has delivered comedians and now he is planning to take the masses into the paranormal courtesy of ‘Beyond the Darkness.’

This way, they would command a larger audience base in paranormal broadcasting. Chris was confident that the show would be a success. This information was originally reported on PRNewswire as elaborated in this link

About Norman Pattiz

Under his transformative leadership, the company became the largest radio provider of traffic programming, news, talk, entertainment and sports in the vast American Broadcast industry. The company managed, owned and distributed NCAA basketball, CBS News, and March Madness, CNN radio, NBC radio networks, NFL Football, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the summer and winter Olympic Games and The Super Bowl. Owing to his success, he was able to create Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010. He also started PodcastOne Sales, an outfit that engages in business of marketing and selling of podcasts across the nation.

Norman was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009. He is also a recipient of the prestigious Giants of Broadcasting Award from the renowned Library of American Broadcasting. Pattiz is a Regent at the esteemed University of California. He is Los Alamos National Security Laboratories and Lawrence Livermore’s chairman. Norman is an active member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and the Council of Foreign Relations. During their respective tenures in office, President Bush and President Clinton appointed Norman to the United States’ Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG). In addition, he is credited for creating and starting Americas Arabic Language television and radio services to all the Middle East countries, including broadcasting in Farsi language to Iran, reaching over 40 million listeners per week.

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