Jason Hughes Owner of Hughes Marino, Commercial Culture Consulting Expert


Jason Hughes is the owner of the Southern California region’s largest tenant and buyer representation in the area. Jason Hughes is an expert negotiator for intensive lease transactions in the State of California. He is chairman, and owner of his company, Hughes Marino. Jason Hughes runs a team made up of brokers and subject matter experts who work together to bring you the best deals. He knows his commercial culture consulting business inside and out from leasing to buying. 


Jason Hughes has the resources for multi-market national representation. San Diego is facing an economic downturn give or take the solutions Jason Hughes is trying to present his clients with. Downtown San Diego is the sort of place adding to commerce with a high-rise building (LinkedIn). 

Horton Plaza is put together with 772,000 square feet but there are occupancy issues with many buildings even if it is buildings such as the address 777 Front with 162,000 square feet of space for businesses available. His company refuses to represent landlords who want to fill their buildings with rent-paying tenants despite their indifference. Jason Hughes is about exclusive representation of tenants and buyers, with 25 years experience and various experiences with multiple appearances on many television programs.