Alex Pissios, Movie Making Icon

Alex Pissios is a well known businessman in the media and film industry. He is the president and CEO of Cinespace Chicago Film Studios. This studio was responsible for making some of the most iconic hit series, like “Chicago PD,” “Chicago Med,” “Chicago Fire,” and more. While he took part in the decision making process of these shows, he did much more for the community than just make them famous for these shows.

Alex Pissios is a hero to the community of Chicago because he helped bring the low income and hurting city back to life. He helped bring over  15,000 jobs  to the city of Chicago and give people a fresh start to their lives. With these jobs cam greater education, employment experience, pay, benefits, and more. His connection to the film industry and his passion for helping the community, truly helped to change hte landscape of the city and bring much needed revenue to the state.

Alex Pissios is a  motivational inspiration to the city of Chicago. The people in this city are incredibly proud of everything that he has done to help change it. In addition to providing jobs, he also helped to improve the community through charity and charitable donations. He has worked with children in the public school system and helped get them on a path to success. In addition, he worked with the local hospitals to provide exceptional care and support. Together with Cinespace Chicago, he created organizations , such as Latinos Progressando and Safe Haven.