Tim Murawski Has Been a Difference-Maker in the Field of Medical Devices for Many Years

Tim Murawski is one of the top executives with an exciting medical devices company known as Augmedics. The company is headquartered in Chicago and it is working to innovate the field of spinal surgery through the use of augmented technology. Tim Murawski is the firm’s chief commercial officer as well as company president. He has spent many years working in the fields of biotechnology and business. His impressive resume was key to Tim Murawski being named to his current position with Augmedics. Since his arrival, he has made a rapid impact on the firm’s growth trajectory.


In terms of past professional experience, Tim Murawski began his distinguished career working in the chemical industry with a major company that engages in research and development. He took this position shortly after he completed his Bachelor’s degree at Western Illinois University. His degree from Western Illinois is in the field of operations management. After his initial experience in the chemical industry, he would enter into the sales field. He soon landed a sales role with the medical devices company Baxter International Inc.


For the decade prior to his arrival at Augmedics, Tim Murawski was an important leader with Mazor Robotics. He held several prominent roles in the ten years that he was with the company. Throughout his time at Mazor Robotics, he was known as a difference-maker. It was then in 2019 that successful businessman and entrepreneur Tim Murawski left Mazor Robotics to take on his current role as the Augmedics chief commercial officer and president.

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