Review Of IM Academy

IM Academy is one of the leading businesses providing digital educational services and products with a focus on equipping their clients with skills needed to trade in foreign exchange. These services and products are offered to clients through an online platform by live interactive content supported by a collection of app-based and prerecorded content. The New York-based firm was founded by Isis De La Torre and Christopher Terry. The aim of these two individuals was to provide their students with an educational and learning opportunity through their company name IM Academy.

The company’s mission is to provide its clients with interactive and accessible training to equip them with skills they can apply when trading. The company currently boasts over 225,000 active users and subscribers to its products and services. IM Academy has always maintained a remote working approach when conducting business, a model it says helped it maintain operation even during the peak of the recent pandemic. Working remotely has also enabled the company to recruit some of the best individuals for the job without being limited to geographical locations.

The company major offers learning modules referred to as academies. Through its website, clients are given access to four main training programs FRX, HFX, DCX and ECX. On top of these programs, clients can also access a discount of 54% on the initial subscription and a further 48% on their monthly subscription when they opt for the discounted package called Elite that combines FRX, DCX and HFX.

Each academy is delivered through interactive online sessions by IM Educators through a service dubbed goLive. These sessions are offered in 13 languages on different days during varied time frames to include students from different parts of the world. Each session is designed to last an hour, and Students also get a chance to question their educators and even engage in discussions. Students are also offered access to prerecorded video modules for each of the programs. Go to this page for related information.


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