Eric Lefkofsky, The Mastermind Behind The Launching of Tempus’ Lens Platform

Tempus is a leader in precision medicine and artificial intelligence. Founded by Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus recently announced its launch of analytics and cloud-based data Lens platform. This all-inclusive platform aims to offer researchers and scientists within pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporations over 35 petabytes of de-identified molecular and clinical datasets for the short term. Also, Eric Lefkofsky points out, the company will offer these petabytes together with the newest tools for intelligence analysis to fasten discovering and developing drugs. 


According to Eric Lefkofsky, this Lens platform will help users examine, evaluate, and augment the library of data of Tempus in a safe and optimized environment that is well equipped with essential tools for extracting insights within a brief period. Lens Platform is a revolution within the healthcare and medical technology industry. Lens provides various ways for physicians and researchers to leverage the world’s most significant molecular data and clinical libraries, including Tempus typical/tumour matched H&E, RNA and DNA data. By employing Lens, Eric Lefkofsky explains, users can work together with data scientists and computational biologists of Tempus to do a thorough analysis of datasets to reveal unique insights. 

Moreover, users all over the world can analyze data in the Lens platform by using the Tempus tools for visual analysis. Moreover, after Eric Lefkofsky established Tempus, it became one of the global’s most critical molecular data and clinical libraries. It also consisted of a system for Tempus firm´s operations to make molecular data useful and easily accessible. Eric Lefkofsky points out that Tempus assists physicians in making real-time data that is driven by decisions to provide patients with personalized care and aid in developing and delivering optimal therapeutics. According to Eric Lefkofsky, Tempus’s goal is to benefit each patient with their services.