Richard DeVaul’s Dedication To Clarifying The Term Innovation

Psychological experiences happen to almost everyone at one point in life, and semantic satiation is one of these phenomena. If a given word is repeated many times, it loses the meaning to just become meaningless buzzes. Innovation is a term that has experienced this in the last ten years or so. Politicians and business people have used the term innovation as their go-to response.

They claim that innovation has been their secret weapon to success. Therefore, the term features many redundant phrases. However, Richard DeVaul intends to transform the situation, and while at the MIT Media Lab, he created a programming language for graphic design and also worked on the doctoral project on a given instant memory support platform.

Richard DeVaul has gotten about 70 patents and also guiding projects that made a lot of money. Richard has approximately 20years of experience in executive, operational, and hands-on engineering, and so he is an innovation specialist because he has been in the corporate and academic sectors handling technical subjects ranging from institutional structures to consumer electronics, and altitude ballooning. Richard is finding people who help others in comprehending innovation culture and leadership to eliminate the meaninglessness in the term and convert it to something valuable for society and investments.

Richard has interacted with several CEOs who invite him for different innovation projects, and he has observed that they do not understand what the term innovation means. Some equate innovation with creation, and so he challenges them to study more into the history of the term.

Richard DeVaul’s Biography

Richard DeVaul advocates for a change in this trend. He is a progressive thinker who serves as the founding partner and consulting CTO for HyperSolve. DeVaul graduated from Media Lab at MIT, where he developed a computational graphic design program. He also worked on creating a wearable memory support device for his dissertation.

Richard DeVaul is an innovation specialist, CTO, as well as a research scientist who has expansive exposure in managerial, operational, and engineering. Richard was in charge of multi-billion-dollar projects and also bears significant communication skills, as well as strong math and applied physics history. Visit this page for related information.


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