Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi’s Dream Eruption

Like Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi, many young people have dream careers and visions that they have not followed up to fruition. However, Edenilso’s case is different from most youngsters. He, at a very young age of 17 years, had already begun to chase his desire. He knew where his heart was and put his mouth where the money was; the construction industry. His professional path has been quite an inspiration to many, with a pearl of underlying feathery wisdom that where you come from is not a determinant of success.

Soon after moving to Maringa, Brazil, Edenilson started working as a clerk at Banco Bradesco. His main idea during relocation was to work and pursue higher education. However, the path he had taken led him to business before studying much. Working as a clerk, he maintained his focus on civil construction where his desire lay.

In 1990, he bought a construction company, which paved the way to the beginning of his development into his dream. His first development company was known as Sial Construções Civis, which was renamed Sial Engenharia. Since then, down into the decade, he continually expanded his company till he was elected president of the Civil Construction Industry Union West of Paraná. From then, Edenilso chaired several construction projects as he also continued pursuing business. Further, he engaged in farming in the cultivation of corn and soy.

Finally, in the latter years, Edenilso concentrated on expansion and created a company Laguardia Empreendimentos, to deal with real estate. He went on to join politics in 2012, where he became the state treasurer of the Social Democratic Party in Panama’. In 2018, Edenilso wanted to become the federal deputy of Panama, which became a bit sour. However, his career journey has been successful, especially in being able to execute his vision. Proving that no road should be left uncovered, Edenilso wears several other hats as a politician, a businessperson and a farmer to add to the dream.