How HGGC Is Helping Companies Thrive

Touted as a global leader in the middle-market industry, HGGC is a private equity firm forging partnerships with up-and-coming businesses that exude potential and a distinct edge. Developed in 2007, this PE firm is helmed by Richard Lawson, Steve Young, and Lance Taylor. Together, the three combine their domain expertise to “catapult companies to prime positions.” Experts in growth equity, venture capital, and portfolio investing, Lawson, Young, and Taylor possess a vast portfolio of knowledge. Since opening its doors 12 years ago, HGGC’s completed over 60 platform investments, aggregate transactions, acquisitions, and recapitalizations.

As their prestige continues to blossom, Lance, Taylor, and Young seek to be a positive influence in the financial industry. Their primary practice, advantaged investing, enables them to acquire scalable businesses that are governed by management teams, sponsors, and founder-owners. According to Lawson, a firm that displays capability, vision, and talent is a shoo-in. These are the types of organizations that HGGC seeks to invest in. One company that fits this bill is FXP, a leader in CPQ solutions. Lawson was keen to invest in the enterprise because they boasted a high degree of proficiency. Young and Lawson concurred, subsequently donating a sizable sum to FXP.

Dave Batt, the CEO of FXP, is exalted by the opportunities this generous contribution will present. Batt maintains that FXP will now be able to diversify into an international organization. Enabling companies to grow is the very notion that makes HGGC tick. In addition to empowering promising companies, HGGC seeks to align interests and create a new standard for business relations. Rooted in collaboration and innovation, this PE firm puts a premium on delivering unprecedented levels of excellence. As HGGC continues to evolve and take the industry by storm, they aim to remain loyal to the values on which their company was founded.