A Way Forward for the Sussex Healthcare in 2019

The Sussex Healthcare has been in existence for over two decades now. The facility has specialized over the years in the provision of care services for adults and elderly people who need specialized care. The facility operates in the England Southern Coast and has shown progress over the years as it competes with other healthcare facilities.

The facility is structured in a family set up where there is a team of healthcare providers for each family unit. The Sussex Healthcare has over the years tried to ensure that its clients receive the best services and that they do not feel left out at any point of their stay.

This year, the management of the facility seems very eager on the progress planned for the facility. The overall plan is to offer affordable services while providing quality and reliable healthcare.

There are therefore a number of ways that the organization plans on improving itself to have a competitive advantage over other facilities. The first step is to improve the communication channels within the facility. In that case, the nurses and other employees of Sussex Healthcare will be equipped with tools that will enable them to provide the best care for their clients.

Another step that the management is planning on taking is that of offering training and development programs for the staff which will be aimed at improving the working conditions for the employees. It is through the training programs also that mistakes made by the employees will be corrected so as to have a positive impact on the clients at the facility. The Chief Operations Officer of the facility highlights that rewarding programs will also be incorporated so as to motivate the staff even as they take care of the elderly.

The COO also highlights that he really appreciates the efforts that the healthcare providers at the facility have been putting despite the changing environment at the facility. He goes on to point out that the facility is still looking on areas that need improvement, and even though the changes may be overwhelming, it is important that the staff adapts easily so that the patients don’t feel left out at any point.

For details: www.esht.nhs.uk/about-the-trust/contact-us/