“Journey from a butcher shop to Leadership point”

The OSI Group has been riding on a wonderful arc of development and great success since the turn of the millennium. David McDonald in the career of over three decades at OSI Group managed to reach a position of chief operating officer (COO) and firm’s president, after being a drop out from college. He joined the OSI Group as a project manager.

The international leader in the food industry is OSI Group presently. It all began when a German immigrant, early in the 20th century started a neighborhood butcher shop in Chicago. Luckily, in the mid of the century it turned into one of the major regional meat traders for the then-novel McDonald’s restaurant series. After some time it became one of that company’s most important worldwide suppliers. It has spread out rapidly everywhere, also planned to start new projects in the United States and globally, just over in the last quarter century. More about of David McDonald at bizjournal.com

Background of David McDonald:

David McDonald started his career from the idea of supply chain and came to modern food processing. He is a graduate of Iowa State University and rose up on a farm of northeast Iowa. He received a bachelor’s degree and was also rewarded with the Wallace Barron Senior Award which represents “outstanding achievement in academics and university/community events, outstanding seniors who display high character and promised for carrying on these model qualities as alumni.”

Currently, David McDonald is the COO and president of one of the country’s most popular privately detained enterprises. Still, he is occupying himself as an active part in Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative while being committed to the Iowa State community. He has played a leading role in creating opportunities of internships at OSI Group for ISU students and is also a substantial financial adherent of the Alpha Gamma Rho scholarship funds. For his involvement with the alumni association, he was rewarded with the ISU Alumni Association’s Young Alumni Award in 2004. Plus in 2014, he received the Iowa State University Foundation’s Emerging Philanthropist Award. McDonald got married to Malinda, and they both have six children. Their eldest two attended ISU.

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