Flavio Maluf: Serving Eucatex and the Community

Eucatex is a company that deals in the production of products such as floors, Varnishes, paints MDP panels among other products. The company has grown to become an industry leader in the production of such products and many others under the leadership Flavio Maluf. He has been the company’s chairman for many years now and has been at the forefront in implementing programs and initiatives that support the Eucatex’s sustainability and that which bring greater good to all the people in the society.

Eucalyptus is the main raw material that the company uses in production. Established in 1951, the company has been able to sustain its demand for the raw materials. In 1961, it acquired land and carried out afforestation activities that would guarantee the availability of eucalyptus even in the future. Therefore, over the years Flavio Maluf’s company has been operating, it has not suffered any production problem due to unavailability of eucalyptus.

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Among the initiatives that Flavio Maluf has rolled out at Eucatex, is one that promotes educating the public about afforestation, forest management, and their benefits. Therefore the company organized a program together with the city halls across Sao Paulo in carrying out the programs. The visitors are taken to parks and taught on various aspects including the benefits of using eucalyptus in creating forest made products. At least 27,000 have shown up for this program from various parts of Brazil.

Flavio Maluf considers a direct relationship with the community to be an important aspect of building a successful company. He values the company’s interaction with the people living in the surrounding areas. He ensures that specialists from Eucatex pay these people a visit in their home to talk to them and get to know the impact that the forest operations have on their lives. Such details are useful when strategizing on ways that Eucatex could improve their well being.

Another initiative that Flavio Maluf is carrying out to assist the people in the community is helping them to make money through apiculture. The people living in the vicinity of the company’s eucalyptus forests can practice beekeeping and earn a living from the practice. He also offers the local people jobs in the company as part of the social initiatives

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