The Plans of Marc Beer After Receiving the Second Round of Series Funding

Throughout the career of Marc Beer, he gained much knowledge in sales, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, and advanced development in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. He is co-founder and chief executive officer of start-up medical tech company, Renovia and specializes in the development and testing of biotech and pharmaceutical devices and medicine. In a Boston Business Journal article, in August 2018, Nenovia’s leaders announced they received the company’s second round of series fund. Renovia was formed in 2016 by Marc, Ramon Iglesias, MD and Yolanda Lorie and received its first round of series funding for financing. They plan to use the second series of funds for developing and testing therapeutic and diagnostic devices.


Marc Beer plans to continue his work on improving diagnostic, treatments, and women’s lives around the world. He is grateful to the investment firm Longwood for providing the needed funds to further support the company in fulfilling its mission. Renovia received $10 million for debt venturing and, $32 million for operations and to broaden the digital healthcare platform. Not only does he want to develop and test new products, but he is building a forum to benefit patients by providing knowledge and alternatives. The goal of the biotechnology company is to produce successful medical products and medicine that strengthens the pelvic muscles.


With Marc Beer on the Renovia’s team, he brings 31 years of experience collectively in studies and works. After earning a bachelor of science degree in business from Miami University, he entered the workforce at Abbott Laboratories working in the sales and marketing department. He left the business and joined Genzyme and served as the Global Marketing Vice President before starting Viacell in 2000. This was his chance to become an entrepreneur for a biotechnology company that specializes in umbilical cord blood stem cells collection, development, and preservation. Within seven years of owning Viacell, the business went public and expanded hiring over 300 employees.


Marc Beer sold the company to PerkinElmer and advanced his career by working for Aegerion Pharmaceuticals and OvaScience as a consultant. At Aegerion he accomplished taking it public, and having two of its products, JUXTAPID and MYALEPT approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the US. When he departed from Aegerion, he started a partnership with Iglesias and Lorie to startup Renovia. For 27 years, he has proven himself to be hardworking and a successful entrepreneur.


Before starting Renovia, Marc Beer formed other companies including Minerva Neurosciences and Good Start Genetics. These businesses concentrated on molecular diagnostics and therapeutic development to treat a nervous system disease. He serves as a council member for Miami University Business Advisory, and as a member of the board of the directors for other entities and organizations. Learn more: