How Guilherme Paulus Has Contributed To The Development Of The Tourism Industry By Co-Founding CVC Brazil

Guilherme Paulus is a committed entrepreneur with a particular passion for finding solutions to emerging businesses. He is the head of CVC, one of Brazil’s largest tour operator. He is also considered a business leader in the growing economic sector. In his tenure at CVC, he has changed the lives of employees and clients by implementing strategies that cater to their well-being. Today, Paulus is highly revered for creating invaluable tour packages for travelers.

Scaling the Tour Industry

When CVC Brazil was established in 1972, by Guilherme Paulus and his friend Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, the Brazilian tour industry was marred with various challenges including finding the right package for low income earning families. What started as a boutique firm is now an international tour company catering to more than 1,000 clients monthly. CVC is believed to be the largest tour company in Latin America and Brazil. Based on its bookings, the company has been providing support to foreign and local clients seeking new traveling experience. It also offers its packages at pretty affordable prices. CVC Brazil has been operating for over four decades. The company provides high-quality travel products at affordable prices.


Whose Idea was CVC Brazil?

The idea to establish CVC Brazil was Guilherme’s but his partner financed the business. Before then, Paulus worked at IBM as a junior associate where he oversaw a few operations in various managerial dockets. He left the company to establish a career in the tourism industry. His experience helped him to establish CVC since he was in charge of the domestic market. Paulus has been awarded the Entrepreneur of The Year Award. He is also a skilled network builder committed to expanding his business. For instance, he created viable networks such as Linx and Saint Andrew among others. This indicates that Guilherme Paulus is a diverse individual committed to revolutionizing businesses. Perhaps it’s vital to note that Paulus has also diversified his portfolio by buying Webjet in 2005. The airline has successfully grown into one of his major successes within the last five years. Those who aspire to start a business in the tourism industry should emulate Guilherme Paulus.