Neurocore: Significant Technological Advancements in Brain Health Applications

The brain is a very vital organ in the human body. Through the brain, we can generate thoughts, express behaviors, and emotions as well as perceive things. Different researchers and scientists continue to gather information useful in enhancing a deeper understanding of the brain. Neurocore is one such organization that is actively involved in brain research and training.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers was established in 2004 and has grown into a renowned market leader in applied neuroscience. It currently owns about nine brain performance institutions located in Florida and Michigan. The facility primarily deals with the provision of assessment and training programs. The programs based on available data and brain performance help children and adults in improving their concentration, enhancing sleep as well as preventing stress.

The company heavily relies on the recent improvements in the EEG technology, the mapping of the brain and neuro-based feedback in effectively running its operations. It also uses a combination of neurofeedback and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biofeedback training to strengthen the bond between the patient’s body and brain. The technologies are reliable in improving mental acuity and treatment of mental health problems including depression, anxiety and ADHD among others.

By using neurofeedback, patients at neurocore can readily train their brains on how to overcome the extremity of symptoms associated with depression; without using any medication. The depression brain training therapy commences with an analysis qEEG-supported brainwave mapping technology which assesses the rate of the symptoms. As such, an extensive report on the patients’ depression symptoms is generated.

Notably, neurocore is successfully establishing a stable knowledge base in Neurotherapy applications in children, teenagers as well as adults. The EGG technology helps brain health professionals at the institution in determining the patients’ brainwave activities towards establishing the root of signs related to ADHD.

Today, following the brain therapy applications; various athletes and franchises are using the neurofeedback technology to supplement their training programs.