Paul Mampilly Points To Precision Medicine As A Smart Investment In The Present And The Future

Paul Mampilly has been letting the readers of his newsletter in on a secret in the investment world, and that secret is precision medicine. According to Mampilly, the industry is looking to explode soon, and investors are listening to him because of his long history of success in the stock market. Many people retire in their 60s, but he has managed to do so at the age of 42 due to his investments. One of his earlier picks that ended up being spot-on was Amazon, and he did so when the company was young. He has also worked as a hedge fund manager in the past and was able to turn $6 billion into $25 billion for Kinetics Asset Management.

Paul Mampilly now works with Banyan Hill Publishing, by choice, and shares some of his investing tips for free on the company’s website. Recently, he highlighted precision medicine as a field that will be changing the way that many different diseases are treated. He has pointed out that it is very different from the way that the pharmaceutical industry works to treat disease. In short, precision medicine analyzes the data from patients’ DNA and how they have reacted to certain treatments and builds a database that allows doctors and physicians to see patterns. Tempus is a good example of a company that is doing this by gathering data and putting together genomic profiles that will benefit cancer patients.

Paul Mampilly has been letting his readers know that there are many biotech companies currently working on treatments and other innovations that will be very important soon. He has been looking deeper into these companies and plans to let his readers know more about them in the future. One of his newsletters is Profits Unlimited, which has more than 90,000 subscribers who wait for his suggestions and advice. They know that he has their best interests in mind and appreciate his willingness to share what he knows. Paul Mampilly has been featured on many different media outlets including Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC and plans on continuing to educate his readers.