Stream Energy’s Many Philantropic Efforts

Stream Energy, a direct energy selling and connected living company based in Dallas, was recently featured on a article for all the wonderful philanthropic efforts it has made in the state of Texas. In order to facilitate its philanthropic efforts, Stream Energy has established a separate arm in its company called “Stream Cares” specifically for this purpose.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation to Houston neighborhoods, flooding the Houston area resulting in the loss of a number of lives, homes, and pets, Stream Energy used the proceeds from its direct energy sales to fund the recovery effort of Houston as well as to help alleviate the financial burden of its customers. In addition to contributing to the recovery of Houston stemming from Hurricane Harvey, Stream Energy associates has, in the wake of the series of tornado that struck Northern Texas in 2016, mobilized its members to aid the Salvation Army in the latter’s efforts to raise money to help the victims of this unfortunate series of occurrences, which Stream later matched doubling the total amount of money raised.

Apart from coming to the aid of victims of natural disasters, Stream has had a long history of working with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross in the powering of local, grassroots giving. Furthermore, Stream Energy has teamed up with Dallas-based Hope Supply Co. to make better the lives of 1000 homeless children by paying for their entrance fee and meals at the Splash for Hope event as well as providing them with money and supplies. Moreover, Stream Energy has also work with Operation Once in a Lifetime to provide moral and financial support to veterans and their families of the Dallas area. Veterans were provided with donated transportations so that they may be able to enjoy a special, all-expenses-paid lunch with their family at a renowned Texas restaurant.