Matt Badiali: Understanding Freedom Checks

Freedom Checks are a viable way of earning a hard some earning. Unfortunately, this has not been the case as most of the investors don’t know how Freedom Checks work. This gap is why Matt Badiali, a best financial adviser, is committed to educating people about Freedom Checks. He predicts that the payouts for these checks are upwards of $ 34.6 billion per month.

First, Matt Badiali seeks to remove the misinformation that Freedom Checks is a form of a government fund. He notes the checks are a form of a return from an investment. This clarification helps in clarifying that this is not a cash handouts scheme. He urges investors to be careful when committing their resources as one has to invest in a prudent manner. For there to be payouts, the investment has to be making profits.

Matt Badiali informs investors that Freedom Checks comes from master limited partnerships (MLPs). MLPs are business entities that act as public-traded partnerships. The entities were created in 1987 after Congress enacted the Statute 26-F. The statute was meant to improve the production of gas in the US. The idea was to encourage more oil and gas wells to be drilled in the US.

The MLPs are exempted from paying taxes if the fulfilled these two conditions. First, the MLPs are to generate at least 90 per cent of their revenue from oil production related activities like processing and transportation of oil and gas in the US. Second, the MLPs have to share at least 90 per cent of their revenue with the shareholders. These payouts are known as Freedom Checks.

Matt Badiali has the expertise to provide advice on sector based on the experience that he accrued working with some of the leading experts in oil industry. His astronomical career in the oil industry started in Pennsylvania State University where he obtained a degree in Geological and Earth Science. He later proceeded to Florida Atlantic University and earned masters in geology. For his PhD, he attended the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He predicts this handsome reward, $34.6 billion ,is based on the recent tax breaks that were passed in December by Congress.