Vijay Eswaran’s Leadership Skills That Are Worth Imitating

Vijay Eswaran is a global IT business giant who believes that employees must own up their performance and succeed in customer Satisfaction above everything else. Vijay accredits the philosophy of service above self firmly.

It’s a teaching and an art that he inherited from his father, and up to date, he professes not only in words but also in actions. His view of things pertaining to the wisdom he has revolves with all his IQ team members.

Vijay Eswaran also emphasizes on the need to hold firmly and stay conscious of humble beginnings in business as they always lead to success later on. He affirms that it is fundamental to remain always grounded in the soul of a small business to maintain consistent achievements. As the Executive Chairman of the QI group of companies based in Hong Kong Vijay Eswaran is an instrumental figure in the field of business. His work has not gone unnoticed as he received an award which honored his impact in Malaysia. The accolade was even presented to him by his Royal Highness, Sultan of Pahang in Malaysia (2006).

Secrets to the success of Vijay Eswaran

Success is a journey that has to be purposefully discovered, cultivated and the necessary steps taken for it to actualize and be a reality. Vijay unveils vital keys to achieving preeminent success. Being versant with the mysteries of attaining great victory, Vijay talks of overcoming the usual standards set by the society of seeking employment as a key to financial security. He exhorts people to build themselves to the point that they can rely on themselves as the source of investment.

Besides that Vijay Eswaran commonly talks and emphasizes on the trait of serving others a characteristic he exhibits on a daily basis in his life. Vijay is a believer in giving and a man of virtue which is why he urges people to be selfless and learn to provide opportunities for others as it often results in more success.

Stepping stones to Vijay Eswaran’s prominence

Vijay Eswaran’s journey began at a humble point as he was once a construction worker. Ever since then he has worked various manual jobs such as being a cab driver, but this did not deter his quest for success. After some years working in this field and studying he ventured into the area of multi-level marketing and this was his breakthrough because since he first steps into this arena, he has achieved high levels of financial success. As of today, he is worth about $550million and among the A-list members of the society.

His advice to the world

Despite his success, Vijay Eswaran is still a humble soul who wants the best for everyone around. That is why he takes his time to encourage people around the world not to be deterred by the hurdles along the way. He advises people to face them with courage and goes on to add that change begins with us. Even though to many people change is painful and scary, it is inevitable and as such people should embrace it. It is through such life lessons that he has helped mold many people on their path to success.

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