Bernardo Chua Bypasses Traditional Coffee Supply Route

Bernardo Chua has been featured on websites like Yahoo! Finance, and he has also been mentioned and Digital Journal. He has proven himself to be astute business man that knows when he is on to a good thing. What started as gourmet coffee with Organo Gold has metamorphosed into a multi dimensional company that also sells energy drinks, teas, healthcare and personal hygiene products. Read more on about Bernardo Chua

Few people may have thought that Bernardo  could change the course of everything that was happening with a single ingredient, but he has proven that people really do love the Ganoderma mushroom. They love the healing agent that is associated with it, and this is what Bernardo Chua has been able to use in order to create a perfect balance between the online community and the number of people that wanted a whole new wave of products that would channel a completely different type of energy.

People pay a lot of attention to Bernardo Chua because they like his entrepreneurial style. He could have taken a much different road and created the type of company that would compete directly by adversaries by selling products in stores. He chose a different route for gourmet coffee, and this has given him a greater edge. Bernardo Chua bypassed the headache of trying to open his own store, Bernardo was smart enough to know that he could sell his brand online without opening up a physical store.

Chua also did not have any need to sell directly to a middleman retail or grocery store chain. Bernardo knew that there would be money that could be made if he sold directly from the internet. This is where he has managed to find a great amount of success with advertising.

Benardo has actually been able to utilize Twitter, Facebook and other social media outlets to market his product himself. Every time that a new energy drink or flavor of coffee is created, Bernardo Chua is right there at the forefront giving people an array of updates on the new products. This makes it very easy to stay abreast of what his company is doing.