Louis Chenevert Is The Former Head Of P&W And Now A Financial Advisor

Louis Chenevert is a Canadian businessman who has held major positions in some of the world’s largest companies. Louis Chenevert was born in Canada and attended the University of MontrĂ©al. He showed an early interest in business and was accepted to the Universities HEC MontrĂ©al Business School.

Louis Chenevert’s education focused on production. This education allowed him secure a job working for General Motors. Louis Chenevert quickly rose through the ranks at General Motors until he was in charge of their Montreal production line.

Louis Chenevert switched from working in the auto industry to the aerospace industry in 1993. He did this by following several GM executives or to Pratt & Whitney. Louis Chenevert was motivated to make this move by a desire to manage the production of increasingly complex items. In addition, he felt that this change would allow him to become more involved in finance, business management, and innovation. Louis Chenevert held several positions in different branches of Pratt & Whitney until he eventually became Vice President. Louis Chenevert distinguished himself by being able to cut production costs by over ten percent in a single year. He became the company’s president in 1999.

Louis Chenevert was able to secure a position with UTC. This is a major company that owns Pratt & Whitney. The company produces items ranging from security systems to escalators. Louis Chenevert took his knowledge of aircraft engine production to push for investment in geared turbofan engines. These engines reduced emissions by fifty percent, fuel consumption by ten percent, and are desirable for both small and large aircraft. UTC invested over ten billion dollars in this program with the investment paying massive dividends.

Louis Chenevert’s strong leadership eventually led to him becoming CEO of UTC. Inside of just two years, Louis Chenevert was able to become President and Chairman of the company.

Louis Chenevert has since retired from working with UTC. His strong work ethic has prevented him from retiring completely, and he currently works as an advisor to Goldman Sachs. Louis Chenevert credits his strong work ethic, focus on details, and social skills to being an effective leader.