The Multitalented Bernardo Chua on what keeps him going

Bernardo Chua is a medical professional, helping to improve the quality of life for many people. He is also a marketing executive, tasked with speaking about brands and appealing to customers. Chua is from the Philippines and learned about the medical use of Ganoderma from his grandparents. This prompted him to research more about Ganoderma and its applications. After learning more about the plant, he was hired by Gano Corporation as a marketing executive. He was tasked with informing people about health benefits of Ganoderma. He encouraged people to take coffee and tea infused with the plant to get amazing health benefits of the plant. His knowledge about the brand enabled him to approach media outlets to speak about the plant and encouraged people to consume it. Learn more on

Bernardo Chua’s efforts paid off and within a short time, he created customers for Agano in Hong Kong, US and Canada. The company relied on him to market products and reach out to new customers. His Facebook profile is filled with posts about the health benefits of Ganoderma and is always encouraging people to start taking tea or coffee infused with the plant. His social media profiles have similar messages about the plant, with testimonies about the health benefits of the plant. Since he learned about the health benefits of the plant while in China, he knew that other parts of the world did not know and wanted to take the message to them. After promoting it in his country, he moved to North America, where he started the cause. He was appointed the President of Agano in the US and hired networkers to promote the product. They achieved success in America almost immediately as customers flocked their shops to buy products. Robert Chua left Agano to start his company selling Ganoderma products.

Bernardo Chua works closely with farmers to ensure they produce quality Ganoderma and the health benefits are guaranteed. Studies prove that Ganoderma has numerous health benefits such as boosting the immune system, curing asthma, flu and lung conditions, reducing blood pressure, and liver complications. Over the years, many people have started using Ganoderma. View:


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