Tony Petrello Facilitating Research Of Neurological Disorders

Tony Petrello is known by many people because of his wealth. A report in 2015 which showed him as one of the top earners in the country has pushed his name in the public limelight. His wealth has however not come out of any illegitimate dealings as it happens with some Wall Street Millionaires. His success has solely been the work of hard work and ensuring that the company he leads makes huge gains.

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries, a company with the best drilling technology in the world. It is normally hired to provide drilling services in various parts of the world. The company has been working with the biggest players in the oil industry to assist them with the drilling services.

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Tony Petrello is not only using his brilliance in business management to make changes in the energy sector. He is making changes in other areas as well. One of the areas he has made a huge contribution towards making an impact is- medical industry. In this field, he is not operating as an expert rather as a philanthropist supporting delivery of medical services. Petrello has been a partner with Texas Children’s Hospital, to build a facility that will take care of neurological disorders treatment in children. One of the things he has done is to ensure that this facility has the requisite funding to allow it accomplish its goal of coming up with a treatment program for neurological disorders in children. Petrello has already contributed $7 million which have gone into research and employment of top medical doctors and surgeons in the world. The doctors will be trying to find out the cause of neurological disorders in children and how they can be avoided and treated.

Tony Petrello will be a direct beneficiary of any progress made in this area of research. His daughter named Carena is one of the children suffering from such constitution. At the time of her birth, she was born prematurely and later developed a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. This condition made it impossible for her to venture into any activity which involves movement of body muscles. The condition made her lose coordination and could not manage to carry out small roles such as eating and walking. This is one of the biggest challenges that face Tony Petrello currently. Petrello is hopeful that the support he is giving the research center will ultimately lead to a solution to the problems facing children.

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