U.S. Money Reserve’s Philip N. Diehl believes precious coins may prove best purchase over coming years

As the 35th director of the U.S. Mint, Philip N. Diehl ranks as one of the foremost experts in the nation on coin minting and valuation.

But Diehl is also an economist by training, with years of experience working in that capacity in both the private and the public sector.

For more than 10 years, Diehl has been at the helm of U.S. Money Reserve, the premier distributor of fine new-coin issues from both government and private mints worldwide.

In this role, Diehl has been able to combine all of his talents and passions. He has been able to continue promoting fine coin offerings on the basis of their intrinsic interest, like the unmatched beauty that a finely engraved gold, platinum or silver coin can radiate.

He has also created a company that helps people use these pieces of numismatic art to help hedge against real financial risks, helping customers to devise strategies using gold, silver and platinum coins that ensure that they and their family will be protected from the perils of economic uncertainty.

Why purchase fine coins?

Any coin buffs or lifelong collector will be able to talk your ear off about the intrinsic interest that coins generate. When they’re talking about the high-end offerings of U.S. Money Reserve, each one of these coins itself can stand as a work of art. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn and US Money Researve | Instagram

This means that many people feel they need no other justification in buying a fine precious-metals-based coin other than for their pure aesthetic beauty.

However, there are far more pragmatic reasons to acquire fine, newly minted coins.

Throughout the course of economic history, every asset class has experienced catastrophic devaluations or total losses, except one. Precious coins are the only asset that has a track record spanning millennia of not experiencing catastrophic devaluation.

Throughout recent U.S. history, gold, silver and platinum coins have held their value through the financial crash of 2008, the crash of ’87, the Great Depression and the panics of the 1890s and 1870s completely intact.

There is simply no other asset class in existence that is backed by anything close to the ironclad empirical evidence of being able to weather the worst financial storms without loss.

For this reason, gold, silver and platinum coins offered through U.S. Money Reserve can provide one of the safest hedges against unforeseen financial cataclysms.

And this is a bulletproof hedge that requires nothing more than picking up the phone or visiting the U.S. Money Reserve website.