Kevin Seawright: Caring for the Community One Home at a Time

Kevin Seawright has extensive credentials and a track record of giving back to the communities he serves. He has helped bring housing to underserved communities in several executive positions he has held including CFO, COO and Director of Operations. Mr. Seawright currently serves as a managing partner of the firm Real Property Solutions, but he has worked for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and Collington Episcopal Life Care Community in the past. He has accomplished a Master of Business Administration degree and notably has studied executive leadership at Notre Dame. When he is not working Mr. Seawright gives back by coaching youth basketball.

Real estate, especially housing is the biggest expense for most Americans today. With recent increases in real estate prices, achieving a better economic status through real estate and housing is becoming less achievable for many. Individuals like Mr. Seawright are so important for this reason. His mission is to serve the community and help individuals through pursuits such as real estate, and in guiding community members through the process.

Currently Mr. Seawright is the managing partner and CFO of Real Property Solutions (RPS) LLC, an organization which strives to make affordable housing available to everyone regardless of their background. The organization assists community members alongside the vital help of volunteers Mr. Seawright helps manage. Kevin plays an integral role in helping achieve the company’s mission of assisting community members in achieving a greater economic status.

Thankfully New Jersey has a strong role model, namely Kevin Seawright, who is leading in his company as well as leading by example. He has worked throughout school and in his many positions to become a respected leader in the world of real estate and building stronger communities in the process. I was very impressed with his academic and professional credentials, as well as with a commendable social media presence on facebook and on linkedin. He can also be found on twitter at @KevinSeawright2. Next time you walk by a property, you never know it might be one which Kevin Seawright took part in via sale or acquisition.



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