Igor Cornelsen Independent Financial Services

It’s not often that a bank employee works his way up to become the president or chief executive officer. It rarely happens in life, and in the case of Brazilian investment banker Igor Cornelsen, this was in fact the case. After first being born in 1947 in Curitiba, Brazil, Igor Cornelsen attended the Federal University of Parana and obtained his Bachelor’s in Economics before first attending and studying engineering. Long after becoming the CEO of Multibanco bank, Igor Cornelsen currently provides the same services in Investment Banking that he provided for the London brokerages which he later worked at … But this was not always the case. View interview.net about Igor Cornelsen

At first he was a board member at Multibanco. Then, after being CEO of the bank and becoming purchased by Bank of America in 1985, Igor joined Brazil’s largest bank named Unibanco. He was with Unibanco for a few years but eventually tried a new position at Libra Bank. Libra was nice, however ultimately when a position opened up at Standard Chartered Bank, Igor simply could not refuse. Standard Chartered Bank was first established in Singapore by the British during their colonial expansionism and growing of the British Empire Eastward. Ever since then, Singapore has been a great banking district and is still respected today. Probably because of this reputation, Igor stayed with Standard Chartered for seven long years before branching out and providing independent services at his own investment firm.

Igor Cornelsen has run with the best of them, and has an astute Financial head on his shoulders. There was a time when Russia defaulted on its debt and many people thought that Russian would never pay back their debt. Igor, with his logical and financial brain, thought otherwise. Ultimately Igor was right: Russia did pay back their debts, and he was handsomely rewarded for his diligence and not listening to the opinions of individual investors. Learn more: https://www.resumonk.com/igorcornelsen