Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks, an Investment Opportunity Worthy Looking Into

Matt Badiali is a safety-conscious, whatever-it-takes kind of person as far as his research and investment potentials are concerned. He is a geologist with over 20 years experience. He is an adviser to an environmental company and a successful investor. Matt has a ‘believing after seeing’ attitude, which has enabled him to travel many countries for his research and investment. It is while during one of his ‘seeing’ missions that he discovered that Master Limited Partnerships (MLP’s), the sole group of 568 companies, can give freedom checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at Crunchbase.

Master Limited Partnerships are companies whose primary activities include drilling, processing, storage and shipping of oil and gas. These companies look into new gas and oil wells, transport the content across extensive pipelines. They also refine the gas and oil from the Bakken Shale, the Marcellus Shale, the Permian Basin, and other leading gas and oil fronts in the United States. These MLP’s pay 90% of their net income to their shareholders quarterly or monthly in terms of distributions, similar to stock profits, and it is these that Matt Badiali refers to as freedom checks.

These checks can be considered as investments. It is as simple as buying shares and receiving dividends. Matt Badiali stresses that these checks are not government programs, but they are much better. They can give ample profits to any investor, without age or capital restrictions. Some of their shares less than $1000, which could earn you more than what the same amount could in other buttoned-up investments. Some of the major investors have recorded distribution checks of up to $10,000 to $50,000 monthly. Read this article at Money Morning.

The checks were made possible by ’Statute 26-F,’ which allows investors to operate tax-free, as long as they meet two critical requirements. One of them is, 90% of their income is supposed to have been generated solely by the production, processing, storage, and transportation of oil and gas in the US. The other is, these companies must agree to pay remunerative freedom checks to their investors, regardless of the amount, every year.

Some of the significant investors in freedom checks include the 46-year-old Doug Smith from Joplin, Missouri, Lisa Luhrman aged 57 from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Mike Reed from Golden, Colorado each earning $24,075, $66,570, and $160,923 respectively this month. The most interesting is Robert Darbin from Kansas City who signed up to get three checks for close to $4,800, $6,500 and $24,000. All these people are listed in Matt Badiali’s YouTube video as those who truly believed in the investment.