Matt Badiali Will Help Make You Money

Matt Badiali has a history of knowing what’s going on in the mining, energy, and agricultural industries as well as publishing. He’s a world traveler and has visited countries all over like Turkey, Switzerland, and Singapore. He is hands-on so he wants to see what he’s investing in first hand. Since he’s been studying natural resources for twenty years he’s an authority on the subject. Read this article at Seeking Alpha.

In an essay talked about on Matt Badiali discussed Zinc as an overlooked, but valuable metal. Most people invest in more common metals like gold and silver. He sees that the consumption of Zinc has steadily increased over the past ten years. The supply is dwindling because of lower price, and that’s what makes it more valuable. Large mines are shutting down and with the shortage the price should jump up soon. This makes it a good time to invest.

Freedom Checks are an investment plan he’s released in which companies that are producing oil and gas pay ninety percent of their income to people who invest in them. Freedom Checks were enacted by Congress in 1987. There are over five hundred and sixty companies that can legally issue the checks. It is a unique investment opportunity for people looking to diversify. The good thing about these investments is they are treated as capital, not income. This means people who are investing don’t have to pay income taxes on the return. Read this article at Banyan Hill.

In an interview with they gave a little more insight into who Matt Badiali is. He is a scientist by trade with a BS in earth science and a Masters in geology. When he was working on his PH.D. a friend of his wanted him to work with him in creating a company for giving investment advice.

He founded the Real Wealth Strategist newsletter with the publisher Banyan Hill. He is a member of the Banyan Hill team and works as their natural resources expert. Through his newsletter and his role with the company he’s able to give helpful investment advice for lots of different great opportunities.

He put an emphasis on internships when asked what he’d do differently at the beginning of his career. He would have done more free internships to gain knowledge. He said the worst job he had was in Miami as an environmental geologist. Most of his job was collecting contaminated dirt in the bad parts of town. It’s safe to say Matt Badiali is not afraid to get his hands dirty and with this new Zinc recommendation he’s liable to make a lot of investors very happy. Check: