Betsy DeVos and Presence of Mind

Betsy DeVos doesn’t ever play “pretend.” She simply doesn’t have to do that. She can be just as effective being herself. People are drawn to her feelings of self-esteem. They’re drawn to the fact that she doesn’t dispute her own feelings and wants. They admire the fact that she takes a selfless approach to politics, education and more, too. People may not immediately link DeVos and Pitbull together. They may seem like night and day. DeVos is an educational system activist. Pitbull is totally different. He’s a rapper who has been wowing people everywhere with his tracks for many years. Although the duo may seem like polar opposites, they’re actually not. DeVos is full of surprises. She traveled down to Florida to talk about educational matters at a school not long ago. The person who was right next to her for the entire duration of the topic was none other than Pitbull himself. People are used to seeing Pitbull on the stage in front of countless screaming fans. He showed the world how serious he was about educational topics by appearing right next to DeVos.


DeVos is always candid as can be regarding her stances in society. She always has thoughts that are fascinating to her. There’s no topic out there that bores her or makes her lose her concentration, either. People can talk to DeVos for a long time about choices in the educational system. They can talk to her for hours about philanthropic work and how it influences the people who can use it. They can talk to her about the arts and why they’re so critical for the youth of the nation. DeVos’ eyes never glaze over. She finds all things that pertain to modern life endlessly riveting and engaging.


President Donald Trump without a doubt has a major sense of admiration for DeVos. He wouldn’t be unusual in that way, either. People who have been seeing DeVos in the public eye often consider her to be among the most dignified American figures they can imagine. People can’t envision DeVos acting in a manner that’s anything beyond controlled and tranquil. She knows that there’s no value in saying goodbye to calmness. She knows that taking the high road is always the intelligent and prudent thing to do in this life as well.


DeVos knows politics like the back of her hand. Her husband is the same exact way. Dick DeVos is so keen on politics that he’s actually tried before to be a big figure in the Republican party. Betsy DeVos excitedly takes part in political matters practically every day of the week. She manages all sorts of educational tasks courtesy of her Secretary of Education status. President Trump had all of the ease in the world when he selected her to take on this huge responsibility. He didn’t have any doubts floating around in his brain. DeVos never has doubts that involve her knowledge and skillsets, either. She knows that she can manage anything and everything.


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