Ted Bauman: Investments In The Trade War

Ted Bauman is one of the most prolific writers for Banyan Hill Publishing Company. He originally went to University at the University of Cape Town in South Africa where he received a degree in economics. This makes him one of the few financial writers who was a trained economist. Over the course of his career, he has acted as a consultant for a number of governments around the world and even for the United Nations. He first joined Banyan Hill publishing club in 2013 following the footsteps of his father. He is most well-known as the author of The Bauman Letter one of the most popular publications from Banyan Hill Publishing Company. Read more at banyanhill.com to know more on Ted Bauman

He is passionate about personal freedom and believes sincerely that life can be better in foreign countries. He has had the ability to see the effects of economic policies during his travel firsthand and has personally been to over 75 nations.

He also publishes a personal blog in which he informs individuals on developments in the international economy as well as strategies for wealth preservation and degeneration. He has written recently on the developments between the trade war currently ongoing between the United States of America and to China. China is one of the world’s largest economies and currently has a gross domestic product that is nearly $12 trillion in size. Additionally, China is one of the largest foreign investors in the United States of America holding nearly $1.2 trillion in public debt from the US.

Ted Bauman believes that it is possible to profit substantially from the ongoing trade war between the two nations. China is actually one of the largest consumers of several goods that it does not produce within its own borders. He believes that if you understand several aspects of the Chinese economy, you can take advantage of these. The Chinese economy is dependent on debt driven domestic investment and incredibly large amounts of exports. Chinese debt is over three times larger than the US public debt at over 300% of its GDP.

China has recently announced its intent to purchase semiconductor chips from American manufacturers. This raises a unique investment opportunity. As of right now, several companies within the US that manufacture semiconductors are at a dip in their stock value. This will likely change due to new investment from China. As such right now marks a good entry point for investment in American semiconductor chip manufacturers.

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