Paul Mampilly Helping People Achieve Financial Freedom

The name of Paul Mampilly is a hugely popular one in the business of investments and asset growth. He became popular back when he was working on Wall Street conquering one feat after another. He later quit Wall Street in order to start teaching the average person how to grow their assets. Follow Paul Mampilly on Twitter.

Originally from India, Mr. Paul Mampilly’s career has been driven by the inspiration he got from his father as he was growing up. His father took some risks and grew his assets when even working in the biggest city in India was not enough to let him raise and support his family completely. He went to work in Dubai despite people telling his father that he would not make it outside of his own country. He did it anyway. Taking the risk and quitting his job in Mumbai allowed him to make a lot more money in Dubai than he ever would have in India.

Mr. Paul Mampilly started working on Wall Street in 1991 when he took up a job at the Bankers Trust as their assistant portfolio manager. He advanced to other businesses and positions at the ING and Deutsche Bank. Mr. Paul Mampilly started managing multimillion accounts and those businesses. Next, in 2006, Mr. Paul Mampilly started managing the large hedge fund of the company Kinetic Asset Management. At the time, the firm was worth more than 6 billion dollars. Mr. Paul Mampilly grew it significantly until it reached 25 billion. The feat was noticed by Barron’s and the publication named the Kinetics Asset Management among the world’s best hedge funds.

Mr. Paul Mampilly managed to grow 50 million up to 88 million in two years during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009. That was one of his most impressive achievements. It was also his last as Mr. Paul Mampilly quit working on Wall Street after that. He felt the need to direct his skills towards helping a larger scope of people instead of making the richest 1 percent of the country even richer.

Up to date, Mr. Paul Mampilly is operating as the senior editor of the Banyan Hill Publishing. He also authors the newsletter called Profits Unlimited which has become the fastest growing newsletter for asset growth and investments. Mr. Paul Mampilly is not most famous for his newsletter which he compiles thoroughly and provides his readers with several pages of news, tactics, and suggestions for investment. Visit: