How Jeff Yastine Recommends People Invest Their Money

Jeff Yastine is a pretty well-known guy in the financial industry. Many know him from his 17-year career appearing on Nightly Business Report. He was a senior correspondent for this PBS show from December 1993 until November 2010. His reporting took him all over the United States as well as two trips to Cuba to report on how private enterprise was slowly rising there. His most celebrated achievement there was his report called “State of Repair”. This focused on the consequences of America letting its transportation infrastructure crumble. He was nominated for an Emmy’s award for this report. Sadly, this report occurred just weeks before the Minneapolis interstate bridge collapsed killing many people. View Jeff’s profile on Linkedin.

Today, he is the editorial director at a financial services firm called Banyan Hill Publishing. His company publishes multiple advisory services which help investors make money in various asset classes. His personal advisory service is called Total Wealth Insider. His financial specialty lies in finding hidden investment opportunities before they get more widely known. He says he wants to help people live a wealthier and more sovereign life. Jeff Yastine is also a weekly contributor to the other information they make available to people through Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily. View:

Jeff Yastine says that he thinks the next sector to really skyrocket is cybersecurity. He says that years ago when he was earning his college degree one of his investigative reporting professors often said, “Follow the money”. What he sees now is a whole lot of money flowing into the stocks of cybersecurity companies. As more and more companies are hacked they turn to cybersecurity firms to either prevent them or help clean up the mess left behind. He says that since money keeps flowing into this area, pushing up all the stocks, his subscribers should take advantage of this as a rising tide lifts all boats.

Another investment he is urging people to get into are what he has named as Kennedy Accounts. Back when President Kennedy was in office the economy was sluggish and not enough people were investing money into the stock market. In order to encourage investing, which would greatly boost the overall economy, he signed off on a bill which allowed people to buy stocks in companies for a discount directly from the company. He says these are still around and you can make amazing amounts of money putting in not much money into these. Visit the website to learn more.